Oh no! :(

OMG this page killed me, the cityscape in two different panels, the damn Vespa, and the perspective-crates. GAH! I seriously hate drawing crates. It’s kind of funny, I can draw hands just fine (usually, I mean) and I can draw faces and all the hard stuff, but fuckin’ crates, man. CRATES SUCK.

In other news, the city is still in ruins from the Glorbon invasion. It always strikes me as false when a comic has some city-destroying arc and then everything is back to normal. Geez!! It takes like ten years to fix that kind of damage. I mean I guess El Romancero could just go over and say something like, “City scape, you’re all mixed up, but I decree you’re now¬†fixed up!” But he’s not going to because he’s on tour promoting his book.