Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s Jordan’s birthday today! HAPPY BIRD DAY JORDAN!


Look, it’s FLAME GIRL! Haha my parents used to do that to me when I asked what day it was. Actually my stepdad would say like “it’s Wednesday” and I’d be like “c’mon you know what I meant” and he’d be like “the day is Wednesday, perhaps you meant to ask the date?”

Man, I wanted to cram more script into this page but somehow couldn’t. Sigh. This issue is running so long. I’m already 15 pages in. It might end up being around 30 pages. Yikes!


Big News Alert Time: issue 2 is on sale TOMORROW!! Go to your local comic book store and grab a copy! There are some fun gag comics, although I had to cut some material because Scout Comics lowered the page count at the last minute… but nonetheless THE GAG COMICS REMAIN! 😛