So they let Gunpowder into the gala, but not Mary? WTG, Bouncer guy. So I’m not sure if you can read the label on the bottle on the ground in the last panel, but it says “Anti Flame” (in tiny tiny letters) and that’s what’s all over Flame Girl (ruining her gala outfit, no less!!).

So, I did Atlantic City Boardwalk Con this weekend. It was… hmm. I’m not sure if it was good or not. It wasn’t a complete disaster. I did a ton of sketch covers– like nine or ten?! A bunch of them are going in Stan Lee’s travelin’ gallery, which is cool. I did a Harley Quinn, a Hit Girl, Thanos, Doctor Doom, Stan Lee as Wolverine, Mystique (who looks like a chesty Chloe Sevigny in my drawing, lol) and some others. I forgot to take pics of some :'(. I sold mostly prints. Well I sold some comics, but I got the distinct impression from some con-goers (congoers? lol) that most people were wholeheartedly disinterested in checking out new comics. Mostly sold prints. WUTEVA! Prints and sketches net me the most money, seeing as my comics are mind-bogglingly expensive to print. BUT the reason I go to cons is to introduce new readers to my comic and make them love me!!! Lol. Egomaniac. Anyway the convention was quite underattended, and there were very long stretches where absolutely no one was walking by, which was disheartening to say the least. But I made friends with the artists around me, and we all had fun in our own way. Then it turned out that there was a VIP green room area that we had access to, that had free food and drinks (!!! I LOVE FREE STUFF!!) and that made me really happy. I was sitting back there with my boyfriend and some artists, we were all scarfing down the free food, and Adam West sat at our table! We all just sat there in hushed reverence, until he left, at which point we all erupted into excited whispers and proclamations of joy. It was totally surreal! Then Thea from Arrow walked in and just sat down at the next table playing with her phone. I almost cried. It was so cool. Also Charlotte from Lost was there, and Merle from Walking Dead.

I had been to AC before and hated it, and I am sorry to report that it is still shitty. I really don’t like it. Our hotel was good though. It had a really amazing continental breakfast. And a few random cable channels. We watched this terrible movie called The Culling, 0/10, lol. It was kind of funny-bad. Also saw this random cartoon High School USA that had adorable character design. I kind of want to start watching it for realsies.

Anyway, production on Book 2 of VIP (that book series I’m illustrating!) is underway! Working on cover sketches this week :D

Well, tune in next week to hear a long rant by this Gunpowder guy!! lol.