wha-whaaat’s thiiis? A new character?! Codename: Deus Ex Machina?!! 😛

Hey guys! Well, those of you who said surely she’d be rescued in transit were right. Some stereotypes are there for a REASON, people. Like because they’re an easy way to write yourself out of a plot-corner. JK. I have a whole plan going on. Things are gonna ratchet up even more.

So I’m doing a freelance project for my old job TT_TT… it’s actually kind of fun, it’s the fun part of my old job, so I don’t mind at all. I’m just feeling a teensy bit stressed about deadlines. No worries, though, I shall achieve my deadlines IF IT KILLS ME.

Other news? I saw They Might Be Giants on Sunday at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Again (just saw them like last month). Jordan is a super-fan, and he’s converted me too.

My Favorite Band Ever, Of Montreal, is also playing at MHW in September. I’m gonna get tickets and go :3 :3 :3 they are so amazing live. Just really crazy, it’s almost like seeing a weird play (but a play scored to some of the greatest songs of all time). I actually hated their last album (“too normal!” –me being a hipster) but their new one is just incredible. I’m listening to it right now. Empyrean Abattoir. Don’t ask me what that title means.