You have to be nice to everyone? Haha, clearly Mary has never met Batman. Well, of course she hasn’t, or DC would be suing me :P

Sue likes to have a bottle or two of wine with dinner. You know, the resveratrol. C’mon guys, it’s science. Also, Mary isn’t wearing pants, again. And okay, so the reason for the dog theft on Tuesday’s page MIGHT have been just so I could draw cute puppies in the background of various scenes. These two dogs are puppy versions of my dog (Penny) and a more puggish version of my sister’s dog (Maggie).

SO, amazing news! I got a new scanner!! GAHH it’s SO COOL! For all these pages so far I’ve been scanning them in pieces and patching them together in Photoshop (a special kind of hell). Now I can just scan the whole page at once! YAY!