Hey guys!!!

SO! I officially met my deadline for the ARC of VIP: I’m With the Band, the middle grade book I’ve been working on in lieu of providing my customary Thursday HG updates. The mad dash is at its end. Well, there’s one other mad dash in early January, but I’m going to take a day or two to actually SLEEP and be a human being before focusing on that. HAHA! The only sad thing is I got invited to 2 parties and one hangout this past weekend, and I had to skip all of them for my epic art-venture. Lol! OH WELL!!! :)

In other news? So my last day at work is the 23rd, after which point I will be like a rolling stone, except not really because I’ll just be in my apartment, slaving away at art forever. I’ve already started on the ‘person on a budget’ diet of beans and rice (luckily I enjoy beans and rice).

But I found out that apparently, one can liquidate one’s 401k after leaving one’s job. Uhh… YES PLEASE? Inexplicably there’s a lot of money in it, so there’s enough to pay off all my student loans (!!!!!), the bill for my new computer, and for other miscellaneous sundries that’ve been piling up elsewhere. It’s like winning the lottery. Or getting a ‘Get Out of Debt Free’ card.
ANYWAY my mom got all serious and was like “that’s a bad idea” and so did my responsible friend Heather, but my sister and I both agreed that money is fun and I’ve still got like 35 years to figure out my retirement plan. I’m paying up the wazoo for my student loans, so it would really be awesome to get rid of that tuition debt.

EDIT: So apparently someone from my job reads my comic (uh, don’t?) and forwards this stuff on to fellow coworkers. Please go away.

So, omg, I finished this page in time! What a wonderful turn of events!! I stayed up until 5:30 am Sunday night penciling/inking this baby, and colored it on the last bit of steam I had left in me. PHEW! Well, OOH, next week is Christmas! Next week I’m going to try for two updates: a really cool variant cover from my friend Tom Griffin at Gryphon Knights, AND on Thursday, I’ll resume my usual twice-weekly update schedule! YIPPEE!

Other other news? I might have found a publisher for Henchgirl! More details to come, but when the time comes (sometime next spring) I’m going to need you all to call your local comic store and request my book!!! Man, next year is gonna be one craaaazy year!! :D.