DAYUM SUE! You’re a badass!!!!

er, just to clarify, the first panel is Coco’s hand. I don’t want you all to think Sue is the kind of girl to barge into the bathroom and turn the light off on someone. lol.

Coco considers herself a master of deception, so being called a “mediocre liar” really, well, ruins her day TT_TT. But apparently Sue is the true master of deception, being able to palm Coco’s phone from her shorts and all. Maybe Coco had some of that wine.

That’s right, Sue, use your vague superscience skills to hack the phone! Or at least look through incriminating texts.

WELL EVERYONE, Halloween is this weekend!!! Hope you all have fun! I am going as the Winter Soldier to my office Halloween party, so if that ends up looking awesome (I think I’m making the arm out of tinfoil… it’s going to be the laziest Winter Soldier ever!!), I’ll post a pic. Btw, yes I’m still hopelessly obsessed with CA:TWS. As far as actual Halloween goes, I’m up to my ears in deadlines and artwork, so I am probably going to just shut myself in and draw :P. I’ll watch a scary movie though.

So yeah, happy halloweenies, and see ya on Tuesday for… a very special page.