Hey guys!

I had a fun week. I somehow forgot to mention that last week I saw of Montreal live. It was seriously AMAAAAZING. This week I showed my old friend Laura around NYC, mainly the High Line and WTC area. The World Trade Center memorial is really scary. It looks like a nightmare hellvision of an endless black abyss. I really liked it; A+ on the existential angst. What else did I do? Oh, my computer broke again, la di da! I somehow managed to avoid having my usual COMPLETE AND TOTAL MELTDOWN, and instead had a different kind of meltdown and just laughed and went to the store and bought a Surface Pro. Which I actually kinda hate. I have to go back to the store and return it. My life is hell.

I’ve recently (the past few months?) rediscovered the comedic stylings of Tim and Eric, and rewatched all that like 5 times and now I’m rewatching Tim’s web series On Cinema, which hilariously is a movie review series that has multiple spinoffs?? It’s SO amazing. We also watched the movie Entertainment, which stars Gregg Turkington from On Cinema (I had a dream about him actually, in which I went to a show of his and he sang all these heartfelt love songs, and then it turned out he was in love with my mom… this was after watching his face for like 5 cumulative hours the day before. Anyway now I can’t shake the vestigial feelings of filial respect).  I loved Entertainment. It was very minimalist (which Jordan didn’t like) but I felt very affected by it nonetheless.