Hey guys!!

My sister’s in town! We’ve been hanging out a bunch and having fun. She recently moved to Seattle but she’s staying with me for a week. Tonight we went and saw my FAAAVORITE MUSICIAN Of ALL TiMEEE, Kevin Barnes, from Of Montreal, doing a solo show in Manhattan!! IT WAS AWESOME. I wanted more though, he weirdly didn’t do THAT many songs. He did like five songs from Hissing Fauna (their big album), which was cool but… I’d have loved some random Deep Cuts.

I was kinda sad because another band I love (probably like #6 or so), Islands, did a show Saturday but I was in CT visiting all my hospitalized relations (my grandma was also hospitalized last week… she’s better though) and missed the concert.┬áBut in other news, my dad is doing a lot better!! Yay!! In bad news, I have a toothache, and need to make a dentist appointment.