Wow, Mary. Grab all the essentials.

I’m sure you’re all wondering why Mary has a Civil War reenactment hat. It’s from a school field trip, long ago. I also have a civil war hat. I got it at an old west store. So I swear it’s not that unusual to have a Civil War hat.

I went to CT today (I drove!! Eep, I’ve never driven from NY to CT before!) because my mom is a teacher and tomorrow is her last day of summer vacation. It was fun. I swam in the pool and worked on this page while sitting on the deck. I also had something called Hard Root Beer, which just tasted like root beer but apparently had alcohol in it. Pretty good stuff.

I’ve also been doing a lot of writing. I’ve been having lots of new ideas lately– thankfully. It’s always fun to develop new ideas. I had a flurry of inspiration on Friday, and outlined an entire graphic novel. Then on Saturday I wrote a ton of it. About 1/3. Then today while driving I thought of the perfect spinoff/sequel. Ha! I can’t keep up with my ideas! I feel better about this story than I do about the alien invasion comic I was gonna work on after Henchgirl. I can’t quite figure out that one to my own satisfaction. There’s something not quite right there :/ oh well.

Who is asking Mary what she’s doing?! Will she respond satisfactorily? Is her cop disguise convincing?! FIND OUT NEXT WEEK!!!