Hi everyone! A few things of note!

1- I added a “commissions” tab up there ^ and am OFFICIALLY open for commissions! Nyeah! Get a Henchgirl drawing or get a something-else-drawing. Booster Gold. Anime characters. A picture of your dog. Fun! Yeah, dog pictures are ON SALE because I love drawing dogs! THEY’RE CUTE!

2- I got another review! Whee! Read all about how great I am HERE!

3- I saw the movie God Help the Girl this weekend! It was really cool! My favorite(?) or at the very least second-favorite band OF! ALL! TIME!, Belle and Sebastian, well, their frontman made the movie. WOW, it’s really crazy that he’s so good at both writing songs, and also at directing movies. Honestly, at times the movie was like an extended “Dirty Dream #2″ music video, so suffice it to say it was right in my wheelhouse. I did have an issue with the main character being bland, but the supporting cast was strong and at least she had a good singing voice, if nothing else. Really I would have preferred Catherine Ireton, the original girl who sang on the album God Help the Girl. She seemed full of pep. BUT ANYWAY! It’s on VOD (that’s how I watched it, didnt feel like trekking all the way to a movie theater), so go watch it.

4- HM. So Mary isn’t going to just randomly kill crowds of innocent bystanders. Perhaps there’s a shred of goodness left in her. Or perhaps, as is my running theory/explanation, she doesn’t want their ghosts to haunt her (so inconvenient!). And it looks like Mr. Great Guy is officially the worst guy. He really hurt those innocent bystanders’ feelings! Boo. Also it looks like Mary possesses the ability to magically find a crowbar whenever it’s convenient (remember?).

5- HOLY COW, look at this awesome fan art of Mr Great Guy by my friend Tom Griffin at Gryphon Knights! WOW! That makes this page look shitty in comparison :'(! but :) awesome, fan art!!!! Please check out the Gryphon Knights webcomics, over at www.gryphonknights.com! YYYEAHH!!!