Wow! It’s a fun return to various Crepe City locales: the extremely memorable (jk) convenience store where Mary bought glue to patch Fred back together; the pet shop and bakery where Fred went looking for Mary… and, uh, Satriale’s from TV’s Sopranos? Because why not.

Hopefully Tina and Sue are okay with dogs… lol.

So, today I came up with a revolutionary new productivity model that allows me to pursue my dreams of being a comics professional, while both redrawing Issue 1 and continuing the current stuff. It basically involves me spending 90% of my free time on comics. Anyway, today was day one, and something already came up and kept me from my prescribed penciling task. I can’t talk about it for fear that I will totally jinx myself and ruin my future, but I will say that… if it does happen, it would be very good for my aforementioned dreams of becoming a comics professional.

My main life goal is the true Gudsnuk goal of quitting my day job (no, really, we Gudsnuks are a lazy bunch… when I was in school my dad would tell me, “don’t work too hard”, which always really cracked me up) and still being able to not be homeless. i.e. make money from art. Not that what I do at work is so terrible… I’d say it’s often intellectually stimulating, but just, like, waking up early and sitting in a cubicle, and it already being dark when I get home, that freakin’ sucks. I am so not made for an office job. With art, though, I can work for like seven hours straight and never get distracted. It’s like magic. Anyway I’ll let you guys know if anything happens with this thing that might happen. Most likely in all caps, with lots of exclamation points.