New page! Ahh!!

I finished this just in the nick of time. I am terribly behind, still playing catch up since getting my computer back last week.

So! Some news!

  1. I’m a contributor to this anthology, Enough Space, that’s being Kickstartered! Please check it out and consider getting a copy 🙂
  2. Wow, WordPress is supplying bullet points for me as I type this!
  3. I’m going to be at Garden State Comic Fest July 9! Wow! I’m a SPECIAL GUEST! I’m in the front page (you gotta wait a bit for my face to pop up, haha). It’s gonna be cool. Please, Jersey-ians, drop by and say hi.
  4. Remember when y’all were requesting a Venture Bros/Henchgirl crossover fanart? I drew this on the subway. Next should be Fred and Amelia as Dean and Hank, lol. Haha… Mary as Dermott and Paige as Hank. I can keep going.

Welp! Really excited about this part… look at Tina’s cute outfit! Gah! So she totally already had that on hand. Sue, meanwhile, just has a shirt she got at a science-themed 5k or something, some leggings, goggles, and sensible flats.

I went to the Highline this weekend! It was really fun. It’s the best park; it’s like the park of the future. Sky-park.

Okay! See y’all next week!