omg! Emerald City Comic Con is going to be this weekend!! WAAAAH I’m so excited!! I might, in fact, be a bit too excited. I’m goin’ to Seattle!! I haven’t been on a trip, or anywhere really other than Connecticut and NYC, since last summer. AND I’ve never been to Seattle. Oh man. We have so much fun stuff planned. Gonna go hiking in Olympia Park. Look at some weird troll thing (?). Go to some street market called Pike Place, which I guess is what the Starbucks roast is named after (wow)! And of course, shill my comic to unsuspecting strangers and/or adoring fans at ECCC. Anyway, if y’all are gonna be there, I’m at table DD-06! I will be there a few hours late on Friday (the whole traveling-from-the-east-coast thing) but hopefully all the lifetime-opportunity-offering publishers etc will still be there when I arrive.

This page comes from like, how I felt while watching Sopranos. There were a few times when guys would try to leave the mob. I just felt like, ‘let them leave the mob. there are more would-be mobsters out there!’ So this is my soapbox. lol.

Anyway, I’ll try to finish next week’s page before my trip! :3