Holy deus ex machina! How about that? A magic blanket! And a magic clock, too, but I suppose we’ll get to that next week. Well, as I was drawing this I thought of all these hilarious gag comic ideas of Fred before and after getting the Shroud of Lazarus. So maybe I’ll throw those in sometime. Or maybe they’ll be separate funsies.

Oh, so, the kickstarter is still happening… if you want a book, now is your chance to get one. Go for it!!!

So, I’m coming up on my last deadline for that YA book (next week). This is it! After that, I’m going to be… well, I’ll be able to open my social calendar once more. But I’ll still be busy. Redoing Henchgirl Issue 1, drawing Toolbox, and of course keeping up with these updates. But somehow that seems less busy than I am now. Speaking of redoing, I added a new-old page! New dialogue. I felt like it was kind of out of character before (I was still figuring stuff out!) so I Lucased it.